my friends call me 5

unironic rocker girl currently located
on the Island of Misfit Toys
Seattle, Washington

I play guitar & sing in TrASh PAndA go KArt w/ my partner Zinnia Su
& I play bass w/ Jack Endino & JP Lenon
in the rock-improv trio Beyond Captain Orca!

~ catch us live at PNW venues! ~

Sometimes I write about music & magic for Tarpaulin Sky Mag
otherwise it's all qi gong, PNW natural splendor, vibes, & hiking w/ the whales!

bandcamp ~ instagram ~ soundcloud

Current Happenings:

official video for "BiRdS" by TrASh PAndA go KArt

New Release from 5-Track:

TRASH PANDA GO KART β€” Woodland Theater
we'll be playing between Variety Pack & Yakima Speedway
Thursday May 16, 2024
608 NW 65th st, Seattle, WA, 98117

Sheridan Riley (PEG) @ The Black Lodge
I'll be playing bass while SR sings as we
open up the night for LAKE and New Issue
Friday, May 24 2024
427 Eastlake Ave E, Seattle, WA 98109

Sunday May 26, 2024
TPGK anchors the Stanwood-Camano Community Resource Center Teens showcase
on the Fountain Lawn Stage
Seattle Center, Seattle, WA

TRASH PANDA GO KART β€” Stanwood-Camano Pride πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ
Saturday June 1st, 2024
Freedom Park, Camano Island, WA 98282

You Are Here

TRASH PANDA GO KART β€” Everett Pride 🌈
Saturday June 15, 2024
2927 Wetmore Avenue Everett, WA, 98201

TRASH PANDA GO KART @ Ritual Records, Bellingham, WA
w/ Negative Passengers
Artwalk! β€” 6pm, Friday July 5, 2024

TRASH PANDA GO KART β€” Rain City Rock Camp
supporting youth of marginalized genders
Thursday July 18, 2024

TRASH PANDA GO KART & BEYOND CAPTAIN ORCA! & more! β€” Darrell's Tavern
Saturday August 10, 2024
18041 Aurora Ave N, Shoreline, WA 98133

Friday August 23, 2024
Mutual Stoke, Direct Action
Sons of Barbatos & Eye Of Arcadia
Vera Project, 305 Harrison St, Seattle, WA 98109

November 7th thru 10th, Ballard & Fremont neighborhoods
Seattle, WA

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did I mention I play rock&roll in a duo w/ my partner of 20 years?
I play guitar. Zinnia plays drums. We both sing
we're called
TrASh pANda GO karT

"Chaotic cartooniness turned up to 11!"
— Karen Eisenbrey (Square Pig in a Round Hole)

"TPGK will whisk you back to being 13, and making a weed pipe out of a Mountain Dew can while college radio blares in the background which is the highest possible praise I can possibly give."
— James Burns // (Negative Passengers)

(check the video for "BiRdS" right here!)

"Love the guitar tone on this short but sweet song from Trash Panda Go Kart! In less than a minute this duo had me singing along and bopping my head in a track conjured out of nowhere. It has snare rattle, it has call + response vox, my only gripe is I wish there was more of it!"
— Moths and Giraffes (@mothsgiraffes)

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... annnnd I play LEAD BASS in improv-rock stoner-psych trio

Jack Endino... lead guitar
JP Lenon... lead drums
5... lead bass

plus occasional guest-friends!

"BCO! display classic power-trio telepathy and sky-scraping interplay,
moving from peak to peak with a kind of muscular transcendence.
Very few bands in the Northwest are going as deep and long as these guys do."

β€” Dave Segal, The Stranger

Beyond Captain Orca! at Darrell's Tavern, photo by Zinnia Su

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for booking or whatever else you need from me,
please contact Zinnia Su / Tigers Eye PNW

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